Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Gettin their free booze.coca-cola

The hotel just burned down..

It's no marathon

It's a gas station!funny town


My future home

When i move to cheshire county:-)

Have you ever seen a bridge?

I haven't

Wirral country park

12 miles length from Hooton to Parkgate

Walking in your footsteps

Birmingham Ozzy's pub

E al doilea oras din totusi aerul e respirabil:-)


Partea faina e ca asta e un oras..niciun bloc..


Green field..s


I am gonna miss this..

Oh how sweet

What's wrong with this guy?!


What's wrong with this guy?!


I think it is a kangaroo..

Penguin maybe?

Briefing in the castle

I think they were shooting a movie or something

It's about those Fanwalker guys .. Or at least i think..

Public footpath..

Kickass view..

Rain poncho!

It wasn't raining but i had to take a picture..

Only 15 minutes left..

..but we got lost and it was an hour and 15 minutes..:-)

Fields of gold!

Luckily Yoeri was there

He's the mud saviour

We found something in the mud

I think it's a shoe..or so..

Sid at the hair stylist:-)

It's not a party

It's just THE FANWALKERS dancing with no music

They're sleeping..

Because they're tired..that's the only reason..:-D

Some hell of a view!

Some hell of a view!

Nice walk

Se vede Liverpool in spate!

Where's harry potter?!

It's just Edy and Sean(Ron Weasley):-D

Shoes!stuck in the mud!:-D

I tried to help but i couldn't...stop laughing:-)

Monday, November 3, 2008


High visibility vest is only for leaders NOT:-D

Here we go!

Primii pasi din 10 km pe azi:-)

I'm chique

Vlad and me

Turning eddie and vlad into pussycat dolls

You sexy thing:-D

Pussycat dolls bowling baby:-)

Oxford again


Sunt primul din clanul Antal care ajunge aici:-D

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ozzy's bar..former bar


New theatre

Saturday, November 1, 2008